1. What is your turn around time?

2-7 business days (not including holidays). Depending on what I already have made your order may ship in 1! Please follow my Instagram to stay updated on any changes in turn-around time (for example: when I go on vacation, etc.) Shipping estimates don't start until your item ships (after the turn around time).

2. Why is there white spots on my candle?

Because I use Soy Wax it's very common to see white flaky spots on your candle. This is called frosting and is due to colder temperatures. This no way effects the burn or scent of the candle.

3. Why do you use Soy Wax?
Soy Wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans (all natural!) It's non-toxic, eco friendly, and a renewable resource, unlike paraffin wax. It Burns clean and is less likely to trigger allergies. No petrol-carbon soot like you get from petroleum-based (a refined gasoline product) paraffin candles. Soy Wax also burns slower! And usually last 30-50% longer than paraffin wax candles.
4. Do you accept returns or exchanges?
I do! However, you are responsible for the return shipping cost, as well as the additional shipping if you'd like another candle in its place. All returns or exchanges must be made in 2 days from receiving your item. I reserve the right to not issue you a refund if I find the product to not appear as it was before it was sent to you. I do not accept returns or offer refunds on used items.
5. I entered the wrong shipping address, what do I do?
Please contact me at reellifecandleco@gmail.com as soon as you can, before your item ships to update it. If it's shipped after the fact and never gets sent back to me, you will not be refunded. If it is sent back to me you will be responsible to pay for the additional shipping to re-ship the item.  I am not responsible for shipments sent to the wrong address. There is no way for me to know if the address is correct or not.
6. My package says delivered but it's not here. Now what?
If your item was marked as delivered and you say you’ve never received it, there is unfortunately nothing I can do. Call the post office and check your neighbors houses. I unfortunately cannot offer a replacement or a refund.
7. I was charged a Customs Fee for my package. Why? 
Customs Fees may occur when you pick up your package (international orders, outside of the US). I unfortunately have no way of knowing if that is going to occur, or how much if any these custom fees are, so unfortunately I cannot refund you for any fees. 
8. My item(s) arrived broken. What do I do?
Please write me within 3 days of receiving your package so that I can start a USPS claim. Anything more than 3 days may result in not being able to send you a replacement due to USPS not accepting the damaged contents claim. Please keep all packaging and products that arrived damage, for this can help in the refund and claim process.