Reel Life Candle Company takes your favorite pop culture moments from cartoons, books, television shows, movies, & video games and turns them into something that bring your favorite moments to life - through smell!
Reel Life Candle Co. is a one woman run shop that was started in the Fall of 2017 by me, Amanda, who has a love of video games, & adult cartoons. I thought, "what would the world of Red Dead Redemption (video game) smell like?" and the idea took off!
Every candle is made in small batches and hand poured, so there might be slight color differences. I uses the maximum fragrance load allowed in each candle, as well as a little extra in my melts (which is allowed)!
You won’t find names slapped on to my products just to make a sale. I put a lot of thought into my blends to make things smell like they actually would, or I think things would actually smell like (like people for instance). Enjoy my take on unique blends of fragrances to create one of a kind products that will bring you into your favorite dimensions!